Summer Fest 2004

July 23rd, 2004 through August 8th, 2004

Fireworks displays can be seen in the following locations between 1900 and 600 every night:

Fireworks vendors can be found in the following locations:
(If you wish to purchase fireworks and stock up, now is the time.)

If you wish to participate in the Summer Fest Moogle Quest:
Head to one of the three major cities (Windurst, Bastok or San D'Oria) and speak with a Moogle. You can find them at:

In order to participate in this quest, you MUST have one other person in your party, and only one. (So far, it seems that you do not need to bother with the same race/sex as yourself.) Once you both agree, you get a glyph so you can warp back to the town you started from, similar to a Scroll of Instant Warp. You will then be teleported to a high-level area (ex: Ifrit's Cauldron or Kuftal Tunnel) where you are free to explore a bit while you seek a "Goal Point". While seeking this point, you will be capped at level 1, and you will have Sneak and Invisibility on so you don't get murdered. (Should you die, you will NOT lose experience.) Once you find a "Goal Point", cancel Invisible and click/select it. You will then get an item based upon your race/sex.

After you get your item, use your glyph and warp back to town. Once there, trade the item you picked up to your partner, and the two of you are free to split up. After you collect an appropriate item or item set, trade it to the Moogle for your prize.

Known Goal Point Locations:

Bostaneiux Obiulette J-7 J-9
Crawler's Nest
Davoi J-7
Gustav Tunnel H-9 J-7
Kuftal Tunnel I-10 J-5
Rancor's Den I-5 I-9
Rangeumont Pass H-6 I-9
Temple of Ugh... G-7 G-9


1st item:

2nd item:

Other items (each require only 1 item to be turned in):