This page contains original Artwork done by myself. It started originally because I was going to do a character sketch for Mekton, a new RPG game we're playing. I used the tutorial at to get started. Unfortunately, I followed the tutorial a little too closely - it details how to draw women (bodies) well, but nothing really on men (bodies). So, I ended up drawing Tiara, my first real attempt at a Manga/Anime style character. I also drew Takato Mizuno, my Mekton character. Other drawings will someday follow.


My original Scan of Tiara, before any color is added. Tiara, after adding color. No shading is done yet. (I haven't gotten that far!)
My original Scan of Takato Mizuno, my Mekton character. Takato, after adding color. Again, no shading is done at this point.
My original scan of ... well, I haven't decided her name yet. But I will. Really! By the way, this links to the BIG picture right away, so please wait for it to load.