Sorry about the lack of links here - I'm always looking to add more, but right now, these were the 2 that came to mind: - A site started by Clan BOB that sells Comics on CD- Rom. 27 is done by Dan Jaaren, the same person who does a lot of work on Life of Riley (along with Aaron, Dr. Tofu, Cowkitty, Dragonmun, and a 'few' others). Click here to see the cover and character bios from issue #1, on sale now!

Shonen Jump - I realize that this is MANGA, but manga is still a comic, so :p. Anyway, this magazine rocks! They currently have Dragon Ball Z (starting at the end of the big fight with Frieza), Naruto, Shaman King, Sandland, YuGiOh, YuYu Hakusho and One Piece. I personally think these are all great :) (NOTE: This is the English version, which is currently released monthly)