Cool Programs, Free Downloads, etc - there used to be a, and, and a few others, but most all of them have been rolled into one. So basically, go here and you can find almost anything you want.

- An awesome download manager. They are nice enough to let you use everything for free if you can put up with ads, or you can pay and get rid of them. It might be worth it to pay, but since I leave it minimized all the time, I don't care :)

Home of the Underdogs - These guys are cataloging various old games and making the available for download if they are allowed to. There are some games listed where all they can do is provide info.

Thotor - A program to take images and make thumbnails without you having to do the work to resize it yourself. Very hand for batch jobs. If you use it often, pay the man. I think the $15 fee is worth it. After all, he did put a lot of work into making a nice, easy to use program.

- A VERY handy program which allows you to login into MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger all at once. You can even log in to multiple accounts of the same type!

- If you don't know what this is.... go get it! It's (in my opinion) the greatest MP3 player for your PC.

FF XI Inside - A program that allows you to run FF XI in a window; use at your own risk, most definitely not authorized by Square Enix ^-^ (Moved from the LS site to this one since this site can't be control by S.E. and that one can)