Web Comic Sites
Yes, these are all funny or good (to me). Check them out. If you don't like them, too bad.
NOTE: If it's not underlined, it's not linked. I kept the titles of old links the same color to help tell them apart.

6D4 - A very funny comic. I'm not sure how to describe it, so go see for yourself. And no, it's not about the N64.

8-bit Theater - If you love 8-bit games, RPG's, or Final Fantasy, this is a must visit site.

After School Orgies - Catchy title, isn't it?

Bizarre Uprising - Full page manga goodness every Monday, with a spectacular story that keeps you wanting more!

Bob and George - Has a comic based on Mega Man (Rockman) which is quite funny.

Captain SNES - Remember Captain N, The Game Master? Meet his 16-bit counter-part.

Chasing the Sunset - A fantasy web comic about a boy chasing the sunset to find is father. I swear it makes sense when you read it.

Chugworth Academy 2 - A well drawn 3 panel strip that updates.... well, it updates often enough. And they give you daily sketches if you vote @ Buzz Comics! :p

Dragon Warrior 101 - Another site full of comics based on the 8-bit game, Dragon Warrior (also known as Dragon Quest in Japan).

Edge of the World - An interesting comic about an elf living in today's world, doing what elves do. I guess.

Final Fantasy Excursions - Author is on hiatus until June :(

Final Fighting Fantasy - Did you ever wonder what happened to all the different FF characters when their stories were finished being told?

Gard-Duck - A funny comic written by... my cousin? Aw crap, do I have to link this one Mom? He didn't even make a banner!

Kageru - OK, so I haven't read this yet, but I have downloaded it. I swear I'm going to read this some day. Soon. Maybe...

Life of Riley/Clan BOB - A comic about how a certain powerful entity made a mistake and the fight to take advantage of it.

Little Gamers - I don't know what to say, except that this is some FUNNY stuff. Ya gotta visit these guys sometime; soon. Like now! Oh, and don't be offended by their humor. IT'S JUST A COMIC.

Marvelous Bob - This isn't a Web Comic really, but it is a freaking sweet story. And I can't think of a better place to put this.

Neko the Kitty - Poor poor kitty... he's gonna "gets paid". Actually, he already did ;)

Patchwork Heroes - I love this one! I'm a sucker for sprite comics with a good story though.

Penny Arcade - Read the banner. 

Penny Arcade Extras - Since I had some trouble finding these, here's a direct link. Gabe and Tycho have done some great extra comics for various companies.

PvP Online - Funny stuff. I was introduced to this via Munchkin and Frag (two card games). You have to read these, they have some hilarious strips!

Reality Glitch - Funny stuff. Can't wait for the new 'season' to start and the interlude to end though :p

River City High - 8 Bits of Super-Deformed Gang Warfare. (Hey, it's their tag line!)

RPG World - A game is based on this strip! Even if it's only a Fan-made game... great story though!

Secret of Mana Theater - A super sweet comic done using flash... that I still haven't watched.

Slackers - Recently discovered this one, and thought it was pretty funny. I love the art style here too; if you're quick, you can catch up too. MG hasn't quite hit 100 strips yet.

Spells & Whistles - A new comic that's picked up the funny awfully quick.

Staccato - This one deals with a group of 4 roomies, a talking basketball (don't ask), a demonic server in the basement (again, don't ask) and the post-college adventures of Staccato (yes, he's the main character). Oh, and Shawn will update again too. Someday.

Strip Tease - It's a comic strip. The title teases you to visit. Get it?

VG Cats - Super-spectacular one shot joke comics can't get any better than this! And Scott's a whoop-ass artist to boot.

Walking is Still Honest - A new comic by an old author. The same author who did 8-bit College. This is hand drawn and funny though. Not that 8-bit College wasn't funny... it's just gone now.

DEAD COMICS-Comics I used to read, but have since died. The Author either quit suddenly, wrapped it up (yeah right), or something else has happened. Any comics in limbo are also listed here with active links.

8-bit College - This WAS a comic about a group of people at college. Now, sadly, Ben quit writing this one. Another comic with a sudden and meaningless ending :(

Exploitation Now - This comic is done and still available to read online. The author seems to be working on getting them published to a book-format. I think it's a good strip, but you may want to consider this a PG-13 sometimes :)

FF Glory - This one is no longer on the web that I can see anymore; however, I do have it downloaded. I intend to try and contact the author to see if I can give it a temporary home. I'm hoping that he'll agree, and that he'll continue as time allows.

Little Saiyalings - I thought this was lost when Planet Namek shut down. Then I found it's original host site. You have to check this out, because it's like a cross between Dragon Ball Z and Peanuts. At least, the majority of it is. After a while, other people took it over and... we'll, you'll figure it out.

Old Skooled - Find out what happens when Kid Icarus visits some other 8-bit heroes in a bar ;)

Tales from the Relativistic Bus - Another casualty of... something. I'm not sure if Ben will ever start up with this again, but it doesn't look good. I liked the comic enough to post it here though, so at least it's SOMEWHERE so you can check it out... and yes, he gave me permission. :)

Tokidoki Comic - Hand drawn and uploaded, only around 15 strips so far. But... well, give it a shot. I'm sure someone will pick this up again. If they haven't already...