The Story of Pumpkin

A friend asked me why my name is "Pumpkin", so I decided to write this story. Yes, it's true to the best of my recollection.

Once, when I still worked at Information Technology Services (ITS for short), a freshman girl came into our office to have her laptop setup for Architecture. This was Replix's department (don't ask for his real name or how he got his nickname); that's why she was here. I was sitting at my computer, Replix at his, and she told us (me) why she was here. She was directed back to Replix's work area. I was checking my job assignments for the day, when she asked if she could check her email. I told her she could use my computer since I was going to do a setup job anyway.

After I returned, she was sitting back by Replix again. Shaggy was in the office now too (another student worker). She had left the telnet window to her email account open with a message showing; I minimized the window and went about my work. When it seemed she was about to leave, I caught her attention, asked if she'd like me to send her message and exit or just drop the telnet session. She told me to send the message, so I did. It turned out she was replying to an email her mom and sent her, and it started "Hey Pumpkin". She saw this as she was walking out and was a little embarrassed. She said "Hey Pumpkin" out loud, chuckled and left.

Replix and Shaggy were both a bit surprised; I'd only been there for about a minute (that time) and she'd called me Pumpkin! Shaggy was there shortly after I'd left to do my setup job, and Replix did all that work for her; why did she call me Pumpkin?? I explained what had happened, but for the next 24 hours, Replix would do nothing but tease me about it. "Hey Pumpkin" would be the first thing out of his mouth when I came in the office. And he'd keep saying it when we had some down time; "Hey Pumpkin", "Pumpkin".... you get the picture.

In the end, since I didn't have a nickname yet, I thought to myself "screw this; if these guys won't let it drop, I'm going to claim this for my nickname". Rules in the office were that it had to be given to you (didn't matter how), and I thought this counted. It did, and it stuck. So ever since I worked at ITS, I've been known to my friends as "Pumpkin".


Of course, others from the office may tell a slightly different version....