Let me start by saying... what the f*ck?!!!!!

OK, so I was laying in bed last night, and I realize, I don't work in the morning (Saturday morning), so if I really want to watch the cartoons that I normally would, they must be recorded. So, I come downstairs to setup my computer to record (why use a tape when I'm not saving anything anymore anyway?). I fire up my TV Software, and it's on Cartoon Network of course. Guess what's on? .hack//Sign - no, CN called it that because the dumb bastards can't update their bumpers. It's really .hack//Legend of Twilight's Bracelet! Those f*ckers!! I WANTED TO SEE THAT. Did they advertise that they were picking it up? Of course not! It's not part of Toonami or Meguzi, it's just on at 12 am CDT so why bother? ASS HOLES! I would have started recording/dubbing again had I known.

You see, I USED to record and keep stuff off TV. Why not, it's free, right? I don't have to pay for Anime that's on CN or WB, or where ever else I can record from, so why should I? I can then see MORE anime by buying what's NOT on TV. I didn't expect CN to pick up .hack//Legend, but they did, with no warning. I knew there was a reason I used to be so anal about checking there schedule once a week.

So, now I'm kicking myself. Repeatedly. I could, and SHOULD, have kept up with my dubbing crap. I could have continued watching Gundam Seed, Dragonball GT, Wolf's Rain, Inuyasha, Rave Master and Yuyu Hakusho. Plus, I would have seen .hack//Legend coming and... well, I would have been happy. But instead, I got about a month behind, gave up on dubbing (how hard is it when you have extra f*cking tapes to just sit down and dub for a day or three????) and played Final Fantasy XI instead. Damnit! Curse you Square-Enix. You made such a fun damn game that I gave up the one other thing that gave me a wee bit of sanity. Now I'm f*cked.

Or am I... I could figure out where I was, dub what I have on tape (if I didn't record over it already) and then 'catch up'. I've done that before. Yeah. I'm going to do that!

Sh*t. The other good VCR is up stairs now... guess I have to rearrange that again. >.<