Below is the Newsgroup post from that Chris Beilby first replied to in this particular sub-chain of events. I've removed his email address for privacy, but be damned if I'll remove his name. SP's (another user) message is in red, while Chris B's is in yellow:

"Chris Beilby" <email address removed> wrote in message news:<T5wia.15560$>...
> "sp" <another email removed (someone different)> wrote in message
> > Wow. How did people turn this into a jingoistic
> my-country-vs-your-country
> > flame? Who...cares?

> I don't. I just want Pumpkin and Roy Gott to go away. Oh, wait... What's
> this? A Killfile! Hey, I'll put them in here... Ah! Blessed silence...
> It's people like those two that make me wish that I had moved to
> Canada....not to mention YTV still showing Reboot. :)


This is the email I sent Chris B to apologize:

Terribly sorry to have bothered you in a PUBLIC forum. Sorry it got off topic, and I'm sorry that no one paid any attention to the fact that I was mature enough to try marking it OT.

Killfile me. I don't care. I still don't think you caught the part where I mentioned that you should have checked up on earlier posts that I've sent - ones that don't portray me as some sort of bastard. I expressed my opinion on an issue, I caught the wrong person at the wrong time (I got a reply from Macula and we've pretty well settled things), and I'm sorry it bothered you. No one said you had to continue reading this particular thread.

I'm not the first person to be bothered by something, I'm not the first to express my opinion, and I won't be the last. If you're immature enough to killfile me because of ONE topic, fine. Too bad you won't see that one time I have something useful to say that will apply to you in the future then.

Apologies again,
Chris Roeszler

And here follows Chris B's reply to me:

Be advised that any and all further emails from you will be considered harrassment, and will be treated as such.

Now, at what point did my email constitute harassment (<-correctly spelled the word!)? When did the world become such a sour place that this is what is considered appropriate? If apologizing is harassment... well sh*t, I'm in a whole boatload of trouble I guess.