Pets have rights, yes, I'll agree, but how far is too far when you want to protect the rights of creatures that can't defend themselves 'peacefully' (meaning they can't defend themselves by talking things over for this case).

Fox News Sunday reported on 12/21 that PETA members intend to hand out flyers to children of mothers who wear fur if/when they arrive at performances of "The Nutcracker" (correct me if any of this is wrong please). After FNS first starts the story, they show the cover of the flyers that PETA is apparently handing out. Wait a second - covers? On a flyer? Yup. It's not a flyer so much as a comic book. Or rather a short graphic novel. The cover depicts a motherly blonde woman in an apron (apparently becuase women belong in the kitchen?) with a butcher knife stabbing the shit out of a rabbit. What a great cover. And FNS reports that there are MANY graphic images inside. This strikes me as a SPECTACULAR way for PETA to make a point; lie to children, tell them their mother is a murder, depict her as a psycho and... you expect the kid to remain "normal" after this? Or perhaps  to join the "I love furry little creatures movement"?

Two thoughts on this:
1) If a mother shows up to a performance of "The Nutcracker" with her child, and she's wearing a fur coat, IT DOESN'T MEAN SHE KILLED THE ANIMAL. And no, she 'could not just as well have done it herself'. Look through fucking history and see how people treated animals - it's called a fucking food chain you idiots!

2) You are entitled to your way of life and your opinions, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. If that means someone else wants to wear a fur, so be it. It's not your fucking choice. If you're so worried about the animals, get your ass out there and train the dumb bastards to run when they see headlights, not stand there thinking they're invincible.

The whole point here is that you don't need to scare a child, lie to a child, or find a way to make a child hate their mother to get your point across. You should stand as a group and give people facts. Then, voice your opinions, views and beliefs about your subject and let people decide from there. If you can't persuade people in a reasonable, rationale fashion, then you aren't doing your 'job' well at all. If you have to lie, cheat, beg, steal, kick, punch, beat, frighten and brainwash children (or anyone for that matter) then you are no worse than a dictator.