Guest charged with misdemeanor for tipping less than 18% in a NY restaurant.

This was one of the headlines that scrolled across CNN Headline News' ticker last night while I aired this show for KQDS. Since WHEN can you have charges brought upon you for not tipping someone? Or for tipping them less than they think they deserve? (etc) A tip is something a waiter or waitress must EARN. If they do a poor job, they find out about it by being tipped poorly. If they do a great job, they get tipped extremely well. If the job is average, they get tipped an average amount. You get the idea; the tip is based on how well they take care of you while you are at the restaurant.

The concept here is that you must work for your money. While this is true in any job, you see the effects of your performance immediately as a waiter or waitress. And now you can charge someone for not tipping you (enough)? Add to their "criminal record" because you didn't get what you feel you deserved? Too bad! Maybe the guy that just came in wasn't rich. Maybe the can't AFFORD to give you their paycheck so you can feel good about yourself for bending over backward to take care of them. Suck it up, keep doing a good job and you'll get what you deserve eventually. It's the way things work, whether or not you like it. Do you really think it's good for business to file charges on someone because they didn't (or couldn't) tip a certain amount? Boo hoo, so you only got 15% instead of 18%; you also lost the business how much money in future revenue. Was that really worth it?

If you're one of those who does a piss poor job as a waiter or waitress, then pulls this crap - I hope you rot in the worst possible circle of hell for it. Eternal suffering is what you deserve for being so damn petty.