Okay, I said I would have this up Sunday 'hopefully'. Now it's Tuesday, so I guess I missed this by a couple days.

Remember my post from Sunday (9/21/03)? If not, you should read it. Then you'll understand why I posted this.  You see, I apparently don't do much at work. Someone even gave a breakdown of how much work they think they do. And as far as I'm concerned, he's right - that's what HE thinks he does. I've seen these people at work, and they don't seem to do much either. I know better though. I'm not stupid or arrogant enough to neither think about breaking down what percentage of each of our tasks I think I do, nor to believe they truly don't do much. I'll also comment on each email at the bottom of that section.

(Any identifying information for the other 2 parties concerned has been removed for privacy reasons).

1st email:

From: Chris Roeszler 
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 11:40 AM
To: Master Control
Subject: logs

Please remember to check the logs page by page, making sure each spot is in the correct break and show, and make sure to look for 'odd' start times like 11:29:50 versus 11:30. Like today's Divorce Court should have been. I loaded the show 5 minutes before air and forgot to look ahead, so I missed that it was running too long. Thankfully not so long that I was going to have shows overlapping. An ID super was run at the beginning, around the other supers they ran.

1st email comments:

So, I meant this message as a 'please be more careful' message, not a 'you stupid dick, pay attention' message, which is apparently how the guy responsible took it. Read his message below.

2nd email sent:

From: "Night Operator" 
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 4:16 PM
To: Master Control
Subject: RE: logs

actually that was caught and the timing was fine. 10 second problems are not problems. if I had to DR all stupid shit like this my DRs would be 10 pages long every day. If you need complete perfection as far as program start times I suggest you triple check things when you arrive for your shift. A real problem may be a program starting 5 minutes late or not at all. Are you ready for weekdays yet? It may be soon they are much more tedious for time than the weekends.  My advice...Just try not to load shows 5 minutes before air and don't forget to look ahead and you wont have to spend time emailing everyone about something stupid like 10 seconds when you should be paying attention to the MCAS. 

Have a nice day
"Night Operator"

2nd email comments:

My thoughts after reading this - 'that was caught and the timing was fine.' Really? not where I come from. Not when a LIVE FUCKING SHOW starts right after it. Hell-fucking-o. Did you forget about that? Try pulling that shit after a 6pm newscast and before network starts at 7pm. Run friends late because news ran late, and tell me it's ok. It's not, you can't join a live show late. Pay attention.

and 'Are you ready for weekdays yet?' Let me see here. This guy trained me. I've been there over 2 years. I wonder if I'm ready or not. After all, weekdays are so scary. Golly gee, maybe I should quit and let him work the 3 morning shifts that I currently have - wait, no, that's a bad idea. He can't even get up on time for a morning shift, and he can hardly get into work on time when he starts his own shift. He should talk.

and 'you won't have to spend time emailing everyone about something stupid like 10 seconds when you should be paying attention to the MCAS'. I wouldn't have to email people about this if shit if they did their jobs CORRECTLY. I admitted fault in my first email. What the hell was the point in this bullshit? Talk about wasting time with email when you should pay attention to MCAS. Also, if I didn't send the email, how can I correct the problem? Hmm, I suppose I could mention this to my boss, let her email everyone (yes, I should have) but then I get tagged as a lackey, a tattle-tale, a whiner, or whatever. Gee, that would be so much better. I thought we were supposed to do our jobs properly, but this apparently applies only to me.

You see that other part in his email? The one that says 'if I had to DR all stupid shit like this my DRs would be 10 pages long every day"? WOW! Here's a thought. Do your fucking job right! Either DR your mistakes and fess up to them like I do every time I fuck up, or DON'T FUCK UP. How hard of a concept is that?

Let's move on.

3rd email:

From: Chris Roeszler 
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 6:47 AM
To: "Night Operator"
Subject: RE: logs

You're right - I should have checked farther ahead, and usually do. You seem to be almost pissed about this message though... I wonder why. Seriously. You see, you trained me for the most part. Sure, I worked with "Morning Operator" a little, but you were the one who did most of my training, you were the one who showed me everything here. And you were the one that made it clear to me that the computer log needs to match the paper log. Meaning that at night, we're supposed to check the start times and input them properly.

So... you ask if I'm ready for weekdays? Well, you tell me. I thought that for all the extra crap I do around here, it just might prove that I'm ready for my stuff, and then some. Maybe not. Maybe I should scale back, load my shows as soon as decks are available, look 3 hours ahead (like I do and "Morning Operator" seems not to), load my feeds as soon as decks are available, and... stop. I don't have to load feeds beyond 3pm. I don't have to stick around to keep the next operator informed of what's going on. I don't have to bust my ass to do more than my share of work on Fridays and Mondays - which I do BECAUSE I know my weekend shifts are easy. Sometimes too easy. And no, I'm not complaining about that, and for the love of god, don't tell "Boss". She already knows.

Anyway, I didn't mean to piss you off. But, stop and think for a minute - the 3 of us who work full time have been here for over 2 years each, the longest these guys have apparently had consistent operators. And I think we're getting a bit relaxed while we're here. It's the nature of our job. We know what we're doing, we know that we can put things off a bit and still get them done. But sometimes, it results in little things like a show time being listed wrong. Not a big deal, you're right. But it should be - just like commercials not being in MCAS in the right order. I bring stuff up right away when I see something 'wrong' because I don't want us to start making huge mistakes later on due to the fact we're getting so relaxed. And I don't want to run to "Boss" every time either. I get just as sick of her bringing stuff up as you and "Morning Operator". I listen, I think about it, and I'll probably do it. But I owe her too. That doesn't mean I'm going to become her lackey.

Sorry - for pissing you off and for rambling on. I just expect that the people who train me on stuff are going to be the ones continuing to do things right. I have tons of respect for you, whether you know it or not. Like I said, you trained me. In my mind, you know what you're doing, all the time, and never make a mistake. I realize that you do goof, but that's still not how I think of you.


3rd email comments:

So, I pretty much bare my soul here, as it were. I even suck up, but what I say is true. I had always thought of this guy as someone who did his job flawlessly, and now I find out otherwise. I know it's silly to think of anyone like that, but it happens.

He asked if I was ready for weekdays - he's the main person that trained me, so I figure he should know if I'm ready. I even do 1/2 of his job every Friday, right up until last week (9/19/03). Do you know why? His email. He shot himself in the foot when he shot off his mouth. Dumb bastard.

When I talk about doing my share of the work, that's what I meant. On Fridays and Mondays, and even on the weekends when there isn't much to do. I try to do as much as I can because of the fact I have so little to do. But no one seems to appreciate that. And my comment about ""Morning Operator"" not doing much stems from him not bar coding Jenny Jones when we ran that show. It would be done recording at 1:30pm everyday, and he worked until 3pm. Seems odd to me. It's like he decided somehow that he didn't have to do his work after about 12:30pm (when the show started recording). Whatever.

The part about people sticking around until the next operator gets in - makes perfect sense to me, and that means I should follow it too. I think we should stay a few minutes late (assuming the next operator gets in on time) to explain what has been done; what feeds are already setup and where, how far shows have been loaded (through 4pm for example), and anything else they may need to know about. But apparently not, according to "Morning Operator", as you will see below.

4th email:

From: "Morning Operator" 
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 7:46 AM
To: Chris Roeszler
Subject: FW: logs

You know Chris,

If you have a problem with the way I do things during my shift, I would appreciate you approaching me directly about them.  As opposed to behind my back.

I check the long from top to bottom EVERYDAY that I work. I try my best to hunt down the spots and keep traffic informed of anything that is  missing. I do this to make your lives (night shift) easier, because I know that traffic is out the door at 5pm and it is not as easy for you guys to get a hold of them after this. However I can not guarantee you that I will catch EVERY single spot ALL the time. I am busy from 5am-3pm with a variety of other tasks. But I try my best.

As far as loading feeds, generally I load anything that rolls at 3pm & 3:30pm. After that I tend to leave that job up to you guys. I don't know which  decks you prefer to use or which ones you prefer to leave open. I know that production and news uses these decks from time to time, so it is NOT  in my best interest to tie all of them up all day long and leave people guessing which tapes are in which decks. If the night person loads them, then that same person is one on duty and KNOWS which tapes are where. Nobody loads my 5:30 AM feeds for me, and I don't expect them to. We are all Adults around here & we all know how to record a feed. 

As far as me 'sticking around to keep the next operator informed' I think it is only common courtesy that if your shift begins at 3pm that you be here at  2:50 PM -2:55 PM . Consistently all summer long people have been showing up at 3:05 PM, 3:10 PM, 3:15 PM or whenever they feel like it. YOU seem to be the ones marking down that time period on your time sheets, not me. I am at work every day from 4:50- 4:55 AM.

And as far as all the extra work you have doing that apparently we haven't been... I have to say that I am responsible for at least 90 % of the bar-coding that goes on here, about 70 % of all the feeds and probably about 25% of encoding. In addition to keeping two stations running and motoring them. So don't feel like you are going above and beyond what are supposed to be doing. We are ALL doing more than our fair share of work around here.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you can reach me at *Home Phone #*. I would prefer this method as opposed to gets second hand e-mails.

"Morning Operator"

4th email comments:

I can call you at home? Screw that. I would email you directly and call it good. It's work related, and should be handled through work channels. Besides, why should I approach you about something that in the end is truly silly? I said something that I should have kept to myself. But I said it to someone ELSE, someone who didn't need to pass it on. That's twice I've made a mistake in judgment about "Night Operator". Fucker. I'm pretty much sickened by him now. (Explanation below).

I don't care if he does or doesn't check for missing spots (commercials) and such during my shift. It's not his responsibility according to what I was told in training. Personally, we shouldn't have to check past about 4pm. But the old traffic manager chewed my ass for that one (she's not even my boss and never was). Fine, so he checks from top to bottom - big fucking deal. So do I the day before when I edit the logs, so does "Night Operator", so does the weekend operator - congratu-fucking-lations. Here's a cookie for you too. He shouldn't have to check the logs. That's the night ops job, and should be done PROPERLY.

You're busy from 5am - 3pm with a variety of other things? No shit. Me too. Imagine that. I work some weekdays too. Just because the weekend is so fucking easy and boring, doesn't mean I'm clueless about the weekdays. Remember, I'm the poor sap that covers for the rest of you on any shift, any time I can.

I appreciate that you load shows at 3pm - you should. It's not fair for someone to start their shift at 3pm (by coming in 10 minutes early) and having to setup a feed. That would be the same reasoning that we setup the Friends Secondary feed at 5am for you when we took it off satellite. Duh. Setting up that 3:30pm feed isn't necessary - the first thing ops are supposed to do is setup their earliest feed, unless it's over 3 hours away.

You know production uses decks out there from time to time. So do I. I even work WITH them so we all know what decks are available. You'd be surprised at what paying a wee bit of attention will get you. Here's a tip - they only need one, maybe two decks. And they ask. We get first pick because we have to record shows and air shows. We get to steal those decks first, not them. Take what you need, let them fend for themselves. They have their own decks to use. Of course, they don't all work (big surprise) because engineering can't get them fixed due to waiting on parts or having some other, bigger problem to take care of. There's another issue - an understaffed, overworked station. Oh, and it's not hard to figure out what tapes are where. Funny how MCAS will tell you what you need to know.

About coming in early - WE seem to be the ones coming in at 3:05pm, 3:10, 3:15 or whenever we feel like? How the fuck would you know? You seem to bolt at 2:58pm. You left on a Saturday about 30 minutes early once too (a while back) - you SHOULD have stayed until I got in since I was called in to replace someone 5 minutes before they were supposed to be there. I had to get ready, figure out what to do with my son, and get there. But your shift ended at 3pm, and you left. We had no one there for damn near 30 minutes - anything could have gone wrong, and as far as I'm concerned, that responsibility would still have fallen to you. That's why I say you should stick around until the next guy shows up.

You're responsible for 90% of bar-coding? You're responsible for 70% of all feeds? You're responsible for 25% of encoding? In addition to keeping 2 stations on air? My ass you are. You're responsible for 100% of that over-inflated ego though. You took the job. I hear from people around the station that you bitch about your job too. If you don't like it, get the fuck out. No one asked you to stay. I know far more than I should about many people in the station that I work with. That information is what keeps me going, what keeps me WANTING to go the extra mile. I'm sorry I can't do more of your work - our schedules don't line up that way. But I would have done that for you too if they did. When I say I do more than my fair share of the work, I'm talking about taking it upon myself to record everything off Pathfire in a day instead of letting the night guy get the one show he has to, instead of letting him fight with another department to use that particular system. I'm talking about encoding everything that was left from Thursday night through the end of Friday (minus one promo reel [so the weekend op remember how to encode]) so no one else has to.

Guess what? I bar code. I encode. I take feeds. I load tapes. I keep 2 stations on air. Sound familiar? It should - WE ALL HAVE TO DO THAT. You want a different shift? Say so. I'll give mine up just to keep from listening to the rest of you babies whine.

As far as finding out 2nd hand - if I had wanted to share my feelings on this shit with you, I would have. I didn't want to, but apparently "Night Operator" got it into his head that I did. Fucker.

Let's move on - I could bitch, piss and moan about this one all day.

5th email:

From: Chris Roeszler 
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 5:43 AM
To: "Morning Operator"
Cc: "Night Operator"
Subject: RE: logs

Fine. Just know that this was an issue between myself and "Night Operator". I'll keep my mouth shut from now on and do my job as I'm told.

And "Night Operator", just so you aren't left out - a copy for you.

5th email comments:

What's to comment about? I got tired of going back and forth about this shit in email. Everyone picks out the bad shit and retaliates. I blame this one on "Night Operator" - if he had either done his job properly, or just sent an email back saying 'sorry' or something like that, none of this mess would have happened.

Of course, if my boss would take my suggestion and get us in a meeting, we could get shit off our chests and work things out too.

Whatever. I'm done with this now. Unless people use my comments page to tell me I'm an ass. Or to request more info I guess.